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ikol offers top-trending technologies with excellent user experiences.

Mobile Application Development

Anytime and everywhere, everything you need is at your fingertips. Bring the world to your pocket with the advantages of being mobile.

Digital Transformation

The digital world can adopt to you. It is easy for your business to adopt the digital world. Even with the process that you are already familiar with..

Smart Integrated Systems

Set the tone of your industry with high-tech and high-quality products and services.

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Internet of Things
We know a lot about
Microlocation Apps

Do you want to interact with the place that you are in? ikol makes it true with advanced microlocation apps with the power of brand new beacon technology.

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New Generation Payment Systems

Payment Method’s like Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet are bringing buying experience to an another level.

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Digital Publishing

The media is changing. Now you can watch a video on your newspaper, browse foto galleries in your favorite book. Get your desired place in digital publishing world, reach your audience anytime, everywhere.

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Wearable Technology

Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. Now you can deliver innovative new experiences to your customers on their wrist.

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Augmented Reality

Can you define reality? Imagine a video starts to play on your brochure, or the mascot on your logo gets up and starts talking to you... This is the reality. You can redefine reality with our Augmented Reality solutions.

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Mobile Health Care Applications

ikol presents cutting edge mobile healthcare solutions that brings patient-doctor relationship to another level with the applications using the latest and the most advanced mobile healthcare systems like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

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Smart TV Apps

The living room is changing. Android TV and Apple TV with the brand new advanced TvOS redefines thing you can do in your living room.

Smart City Applications

City life is made easy with ikol Smart City Solutions. Smart transportation, city guide, online transactions, city cameras and more…

Mobile Health-Care Solutions

Advanced mobile health-care systems, the top trend in health industry.

Endless Possibilities

Do not limit your imagination..

Latest Projects

We launched DSYG Newsstand Mobile App with ikol to reach our readers the most efficient way possible. The resulting end-product was high-standard and was very satisfying in terms representing our brand value. Our readers loved it.

Cenk Gerçek

Technology and Digital Publishing Group Manager

Doğa Trade Publishing Group

We worked with ikol on developing SATSO mobile app. Whole ikol team helped us to establish a efficient communication between our members via mobile technology. As a result we’ve opened another connection channel with the latest technology available.

Hakan Kalmış

Data Processing Manager

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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