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ikol offers growth-focused solutions that raise the brand value of it's clients, making life easy with the latest technology..

About Ikol

Mobile Technologies has changed everything about our vision. It has brought new interactions that are completely different. And, ikol has established in 2011 to change the world's perspective about being mobile. ikol offers everything you need in the digital world with young and powerful team of people.. 

Inspired by the design itself, ikol offers time-saving and innovative mobile technology solutions to users and businesses.

A hard-working team with an elegant sense of design, adopted to make perfect mobile applications

As an award-winning R&D company, ikol focuses on bringing excellent user experience with the latest technology.

Mobile Application Development

Anytime and everywhere, everything you need is at your fingertips. Bring the world to your pocket with the advantages of being mobile.

Digital Transformation

The digital world can adopt to you. It is easy for your business to adopt the digital world. Even with the process that you are already familiar with..

Smart Integrated Systems

Set the tone of your industry with high-tech and high-quality products and services.

Keep it simple, Keep it wonderful
With user-friendly desings

ikol creates word-class user experiences with excellent visual harmony.

e-TR Awarded Applications

ikol mobile won the big e-TR Award multiple times with the appliacations that high level taste of design, content and technology.

2012 - Konya Smart City Application 
2012 - Rumi & Mathnawi in 21 Languages
2013 - Smart Transportation System

Project Development Process

Like a well-built house, advanced mobile apps that deliver measurable results start with a good plan.


For us, design is far more than how an application looks. Users should always interact easily with the app, feel that they have the control.


Over the years ikol has developed it's own frameworks that powerfully represent the experience and the cutting-edge know-how. Every single application has the power of IKOLCore.


With the advanced test platforms of ikol, your application gets is desired place at the App Store and Google Play without bugs.


As soon as your application published to the world, it needs to catch up with the latest advancements of rapid-changing mobile world. ikol helps you maintain the app and make improvements in the future.

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We work with the clients who are dedicated to turn ideas to successful products.

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